June 24, 2017

Logistics Optimization

In a world where on one side more and more products are sold online and one the other hand that time, resources and therefore costs delivering them to customers should stay in sensible limits, Logistics Optimization drops in.

If you

  • want to deliver a whole bunch of packages with your fleet, or e.g.
  • want to transport dozens or even hundreds of people, collect them at many different entry points and bring them to many different target locations,

we can support you finding the ‘best’ routes.

Our solution implements different definitions of ‘best’; some examples:

  1. optimize for the transport time of the people: i.e. make sure that the transportation time of all the persons is as short as possible.
  2. optimize for driver time: i.e. make sure that the driver is as fast as possible and don’t care about how long the parcels are transported.
  3. optimize for prioritized sub-set: some parcels or persons must be transported first
  4. any weighted combination of the three above; i.e. focus on transportation time of people but also have a look at a low driver time.

We use up to date optimization algorithms and provide you the complete infrastructure, like e.g. complete routable map data for your area.

Logistics Optimization typically means to decrease the time and costs by 10 – 25 %.

Different billing methods are available like: no investment (no risk) from your side and we share the savings. Contact us for more details.